Stentor 16-channel DSP reader

The Stentor 216 and Stentor 416 are the backbone of many solid RFID application. Designed to run 24/7 and perform unmanned fully automatic identification with unrivalled reliability.

The Stentor can operate with simple laoop antennas, and reads 16 transponders in parallel at full speed. antennas can be small pin-point versions or a large 16 m x 2m field registering everything that passes.

The read range of the Stentor is well defined, and is not hindered by unwanted reflections or strange propagation. The used low frequency technology is immune for water or for example body mass, and performs well in situations where UHF system get into trouble.

The Stentor 216 and 416 differ only in the number of connected transmitter modules. The Stentor 216 has one transmitter, the Stentor 416 has two. Both models can conect up to 16 receive antennas. The antennas can be arranged in a rectangular field, or as separate satellite antennas. Read more about this in the article 'Solar System'.

The Stentor connects to a computer system either directly through an RS-232 serial connection or via a network using a simple Telnet protocol. The reader features 5 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs that can be used for sensor input, and to control external equipment without the need for a separate PLC.

Thanks to the DSP technology, the read range of a Stentor system is up to 2 meters, even under noisy, industrial conditions.